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Conversation W2 Lesson 58


1 – She is buying a lot of  books for college
2 – My sister still doesn’t understand English
3 – He bought a lot of bars cereal
4 – Your plan make sense
5 – She is cooking my favorite dish
6 – We are doing a translation

Substitution practice

1 – My father made delicious cookie for m birthday
2 – He had to finish doing my homework before lunch
3 – He didn’t do his translation for church yet
4 – My bed is old. / I would to buy bed for my house
5 – Did you drink a glass of juice or a cup of coffee for breakfast
6 – They prefered to buy a house in the city
7 – Which sport did she prefer to play, golf or soccer ? / She preferred golf
8 – They didn’t make any plans for our trip to Germany
9 – They are working overtime this month
10 – The neighbor didn’t like the prices. / He didn’t buy anything for his brother

Written practice

1 – They started making the translation, but still don’t over
2 – Do me a favor, please. / I need to close the store until six p.m.
3 – I made a delicious breakfast for my parents
4 – She did a good job. / She starts to work tomorrow
5 – Why don’t you finished cleaning yet ? / No one helped ?
6 – We came from the church on foot / I don’t have money to buy a car yet
7 – My brother prefers to eat cooked vegetables and roast potato
8 – My aunt made plans to go to Europe / She will go next month
9 – I liked to make new friends at school / Now I need to make a call
10 – I play the piano tonight / My mother prefer to play the flute before dinner

Listening – Answer the questions

  1. When did you have a barbecue at home?
  2. Did you do the laundry yesterday?
  3. What would you like to eat for dinner today?
  4. Who makes your bed for you?
  5. Do you have to do overtime at your company?

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