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Conversation W2 Lesson 57

Complete with the verbs

1 – Studying
2 –  working
3 – Are they
4 – cooking
5 –  writing
6 – coming
7 – buying

Substitution practice

1 -Their mom cooked their favorite dish on thanksgiving
2 – Why didn’t you closed the door this morning?
3 – My mother did many things before she worked
4 – Would you pay thirty thousand dollar for this motorcycle
5 – You wouldn’t like to do any park this weekend
6 – What did she make for dinner ? / Did she make any cookies ?
7 – My friend lived near the city /  He lived near the new store
8 – My brothers wanted to come after the class
9 – We preferred to travel to Miami this week
10 – You made many friends when you studied in Germany

Written practice

1 – Sarah made a delicious cake for us when went to her house
2 – I would like to make more money /  I want to buy a house, and a car this year
3 – My kids are making too much noise
4 – He always makes delicious recipes, but I need to eat fewer calories
5 – Can you make overtime today ? / We need to finish right now
6 – My daughter helped with the cleaning / We wash our clothes in the morning
7 – Didn’t you make the bed every day ?
8 – Congratulations! / Your daughter did a good job here.
9 – I finished to do the cleaning yesterday
10 – My husband always help me in the kitchen / She washes the dishes for me

Listening ( Write a questions )

1. We made a delicious dishes for dinner
2.Yes Mom , We did the cleaning
3.No, I didn’t do the dishes yet
4.He’s making his bed now
5.Yes, He had to make a speech at the party

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