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Conversation W2 Lesson 56

Change into interrogative

1.Is she very busy today?
2.Is my bother in a hurry?
3.Did they start working out?
4.Are our foreign friends  in good health?
5.Is your girlfriend at the library?
6.Does her dog like them very much?

Substitution practice

1.Isn’t he studying for your test ?
2.Would you like to go to the mall again ?
3.My son is eating pasta
4.Isn’t your sister working at the bank ?
5.Isn’t she buying a present for her brother ?
6.When did you start playing the guitar and the violin ?
7.Where did he study ten years ago ? / He studied in Spain
8.How are they ?
9.Are they waiting for them in the dinner room ?
10.I would like to play soccer

Written practice

1.When would you like to go there with me ? /I can go only tomorrow
2.I wanted to visit my relatives in March
3.I understood everthing that the teacher said
4.Sorry, but he can’t speak with you now
5.She’s very tired
6.When did you finish to read this book ? / Did you like ?
7.She worked a lot yesterday / She closed the restaurant at midnight
8.I would like to live in USA
9.When did John start to work with you ?
10.They aren’t selling their house downtown anymore

Listening ( Change into interrogative )

1.Isn’t he working as a truck driver ?
2.Is she going to the theater by herself ?
3.Did they want to start the game before lunch ?
4.Is he helping his grandfather in the garage ?
5.Would they like to go by trem ?

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