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Conversation W2 Lesson 55

Follow the pattern

1.He started studying in the afternoon
2.They started helipng their parents
3.We finished reading some good books
4.He started working very early
5.She finished doing her homework
6.Your nephew started learning French
7.My mon finished doing the dishes

Substitution practice

1.My friends understood all the songs / My students understood the whole lesson
2.Is your mom in the class room ?
3.Did you drive to school today ? / Yes I drove to school today
4.Did you start working at the restaurant ?/ Yes I started working there
5.Isn’t he going to Japan on him next vacation
6.Are they studying in the bedroom or in the dining room ?
7.Didn’t they start studying in China ?
8.He would like to finish her english course next month
9.Would he like to live in England ?
10.How much did she pay for that skirt ?

Written practice

1.Did he finished to do his homework ? / He’s very smart
2.Why do you open the store only noon ?
3.Would you like to go to the show with us next week ?
4.Did you start to study for French test ? / Congratulations
5.We wouldn’t like to live in France
6.We started to work early
7.Why aren’t you working together ?
8.We don’t understand our teacher last class
9.Did she drive by herself to New York ?
10.I’m helping my friend because he isn’t reading very well

Listening ( Change into negative )

1.I wouldn’t like to live in Australia
2.Aren’t you studying full time this semester ?
3.The studentes didn’t understand the exercises
4.Didn’t she close the store at 6 p.m ?
5.We wouldn’t like to start it now

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