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Conversation W2 Lesson 54

Complete with

some / any / something / anything / nothing

4.Some / any ( duvida )

Substituriuon practice

1.Those kids can’t speak Chinese
2.If she finished her work, why is she still there ?
3.Is he studying any language now ? / Yes he is studying English
4.You are reading a nice story today / What is he reading ?
5.Isn’t your sister married ? / Why is he buying car ?
6.Do you have anything to make this cake ?
7.They have to finish that homework by next week
8.We already finished our work . / Now, we are eating some cakes
9.You are very glad because you had to talk last saturday
10.The children are playing soccer in the middle of the street

Written practice

1.We visited our grandparents in Europe last month
2.Did you read anything that my boss wrote ? / He writes many books
3.Aren’t you going to the supermarket to buy a Package of cookies
4.Why didn’t you help that foreigner downtown ?
5.If they don’t like juice they can drink soda
6.Didn’t he take his children to school this morning ?
7.They aren’t studying in Africa anymore.
8.He didn’t eat anything so far, so he is hungry
9.She is living near the old brigde
10.We aren’t studying in that school anymore


1.Is she already sleeping ?
2.Where is she working ?
3.When did they visit Europe?
4.Where did he help his father ?
5.Are you living in Australia ?

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