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Conversation W2 Lesson 53

Change into negative

1.She isn’t working at the office now
2.They aren’t driving to work
3.My rommante isn’t finishing her course
4.Her cousin isn’t talking to her foreign friend
5.They aren’t helping their grandchildren
6.He isn’t traveling to Asia next year

Substitution practice

1.He is opening the can of tear for me
2.She is closing the bakery every day at six a.m
3.He is visiting England/ His relatives live there
4.If he doesn’t like this drink , why is he drinking it ?
5.Is he living in USA ?/ It’s snowing very much there
6.It John doesn’t want to go to the park, he doesn’t need to go
7.What if he doesn’t come to say to her ?
8.My sister and my son are engineers
9.What did he have for dinner ? / He had some rice and fish
10. I know nothing about that low. / He is studying a lot

Written practice

1.The car isn’t working very well . I need to take it to the machanical
2.I don’t know if they are still living in Australia
3.She had something to say to us . Now she has her own home
4.Do you want to eat anything ? / No , Thanks I’m studying
5.I don’t have anything to say
6.I don’t have any money because I bought a new house
7.Are they visiting their parents this month ?? / Where do they live ?
8.I drove by Chicago by myself last week
9.Did you read any news about health before go to the meeting?
10.Are you helping your grandmother finish making the cake ?

Listening ( Change into interrogative )

1.Did she drive her kids to school this morning ?
2.Is the writer writting a new novel ?
3.Does she have anything to say?
4.Are they working only full time ?
5.Is he visiting Europe this month ?

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