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Conversation W2 Lesson 52

Follow the pattern

Model : I am a doctor. I work by himself (She)
She is a doctor. She works by herself

1.He is an engineer. He works by himself
2.My uncle is a dentist. My uncle works by himself
3.My niece is a secretary. My niece works by herself
4.We are lawyers. We work by ourselves
5.You are an office assistant. You work by yourself

Substitution practice

1.She wanted to go to the mall with her friends on her holiday
2.Isn’t your girlfriend a doctor ? / No, she is a writer
3.He finished to read the whole magazine yesterday
4.He wrote the letter for to mom because the computer was bad
5.Didn’t we come to the movies together on sunday ?
6.Can they write me this letter by four o’clock ?
7.That secretary is very busy today . He is in the conference call now
8.They played in the park . / Now they want to go to the mall
9.We played by ourselves on the tennis court
10.We went to the store this near here

Written practice

1.I ate all the strawberry pie by myself
2.My girlfriend is very tired
3.He can’t visit Europe this month / He’s very upset
4.Aren’t they ready to go yet ?
5.Margareth is very nice. She bought clothes for children.
6.Are you an engineer ? / Do you want to sell your house in the beach ?
7.What did you drink for breakfast ? / I drank only green tea
8.Is your girlfriend a bussineswoman ? / No , she is a teacher
9.When do you want to go to the park with us ?
10.Isn’t yout neighbor a detective ? / Yes he is a good detective


1.Our teacher isn’t married
2.I can’t talk to you now
3.They didn’t do it by themselves
4.She isn’t upset with his boyfriend
5.He never works overtime

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