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Conversation W2 Lesson 51


1. She can be a great journalist
2.They are there by themselves
3.She came to talk to that man
4.They can’t talk about this problem
5.We only eat food healthy
6.They are married and work together

Substituruin practice

1.You finished reading that novel yesterday
2.Can they come with their brother here after seven a.m ?
3.You can’t play any sport but you want to learn
4.Did he go to the store with you yesterday ?
5.My sister ate all the cookie by hersef , Now she is very sick
6.Is he married ? / No, She is single
7.I can’t study part-time today / I still have mant things to do
8.Do you go to the store together every morning ? / Yes they go by themselves
9.Is she online today ? / yes , she is in the conference call
10.They are happy because they bought a house before Easter

Written pratice

1.My girlfriend wants to read the news now
2.That boy is very poor / Do you want to hel him ?
3.She can speak French very well / She studied in France
4.I’m very glad because you liked the novel
5.Sorry, but I can’t go to the mall with you
6.My brother is doctor he works in the hospital every day
7.How many languages can you speak ?
8.What’s the problem ? / I’m late and I have a meeting
9.He’s busy now . / He’s in a conference call
10.What time can you come to drink at my house ?


1.Yes, I’m busy bow
2.I can’t play any instrument
3.No, I’m a doctor
4.I can speak two languages
5.Yes, I went to Wizard last class

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