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Conversation W2 Lesson 50

Answer the questions

1 – Yes. I’m. Because I have money
2 – Yes. He is. He wants to eat pasta
3 – I went to the English course
4 – Yes. The teacher is very happy
5 – No . This school is only open from monday to friday
6 – I don’t have time to be at home
7 – Yes. My mom is at home after school
8 – Yes. I want to eat a sandwich today it is very good

Substiturion pratice

1.She said her name is Mery and her last name is Aguiar
2.The house is old. / Do you want to buy it ?
3.They started their Spanish course after easter
4.We wanted a shoes for a present
5.You waited for my brother at the movies
6.I have to buy some shoes and blouse
7.These shoes are white / I don’t like white shoes
8.This shirt is nice , but Ann didn’t want it
9.This chicken is for lunch / I don’t want to eat fish
10.These pants are for her . / They are very ugly

Written practice

1.His name is Paul / He works at the clothing store
2.Where is my mother ? I wanted to say with her today
3.They aren’t at work yet . They traveled to Spain
4.She is happy today / It’s her birthday
5.We are bored / Almost everything is closed
6.I’m in a hurry / Aren’t you in a hurry ?
7.She ate almost the whole cake / Now, she wants to work out
8.My uncle is in a thisty / We have some water
9.She is hingry / Do you have some brownies
10.This TV is very good , but doesn’t work very well


1.He isn’t our new teacher
2.She doesn’t wait for them at the Grocery store
3.He isn’t very nice uncle
4. We aren’t on vacation this month
5. Our house isn’t sold

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