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Conversation W2 Lesson 49

Write sentences with

1. I am — happy
2. You are – my friend
3. He is — my bother
4. Is she — your sister ?
5. We are — cousins
6. Are they — rich

Substitution practice

1.I’m in a hurry / I want some rice / Are you happy ?
2.Is she at the beach ? / You wanted to buy sime Pants there
3.John is busy now ./ I need to talk to her right away
4. He is my grandpa. / He wants a shoes for his birthday
5.Is she our new neighbor ? / She is very calm today
6.Is it a bluse or a shirt ? / It’s a shirt
7.Are the windows open ? / Usually is closed
8.They are sad because they don’t have any money to travel
9.What’s her name ? / Her name is Jane / Is she nice ?
10.Are they hungry now ? / Where do they want to go ?

Written practice

1.Her name is Lucy ? / The name of my mother also is Lucy
2.I tried to do my English lesson this morning
3.This watch is beautiful, but it doesn’t work
4.Michael is very nice . / He has a shoes store
5.I’m with very thirsty . / I prefer to drink water to soda
6.These clothes are cool , but I don’t have money to buy
7.We are good friends . / We study at Wizard
8.I waited for your all day yesterday
9.I’m happy because I understand almost everything
10.I want to buy this DVD. / It’s very good


1.I’m happy today
2.Yes, I did my homework in the last class
3.No, I didn’t buy things at the mall
4. I don’t study Japonese
5. I worked yesterday

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