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Conversation W2 Lesson 48

Written question for

1.Do you have sometime to go to the movies with me ?
2.Do you want some bread and jelly ?
3.Do you want some milk in your coffee ?
4.Do you have any question ?
5.Do you have books at home ?
6.Do you have friends ? Did you go to the mall with them ?

Substitution practice

1.Did he learn how to play the Violin quickly or slowly ?
2.They work from seven a.m with six p.m during the week
3.Did you read any magazines last week?
4.He traveled to USA, but my friends stayed home with her brother
5.Did you go to the market to buy a rice ?
6.He played golf with his sister and then he went to the library
7.I went on a business trip last month / I went by car
8.I worked as an assistant at the office
9.The bank didn’t open today / I need to go there to pay my bills
10.Did you like the shirt at the store ? / I like them very much

Written practice

1.Do you want to eat some crackers ?
2.Did he have some time to talk to the manager ?
3.Didn’t she say that she went to the market to buy some things ?
4.He didn’t have any cousin in New York
5.We went to the beach in January with our relatives
6.I learned how to speak english quickly at Wizard
7.Did your son sleep well last night ?
8.They didn’t sleep during the trip / They slept until late yesterday
9.Didn’t they go to school today ?
10.I don’t have any book for to study today


1.She didn’t learn how to cook yet
2.They didn’t stay at home last vacation
3.He didn’t write many E-mails this morning
4.She doesn’t need any money
5.He didn’t stay in line for tow hours

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