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Conversation W2 Lesson 47

Complete with

Some / any
Substitution practice
1.You didn’t go at the mall that late saturday
2.She learned how to play tennis with her friends at home
3.He helped this friends at the convenience store last weekend
4.Didn’t she work all day long yesterday ?
5.My sister said that she has to work overtime this year
6.Where do you stay when you visited to Miami in Junuary
7.My son went to school because he needs some books
8.My son always takes a nap on Sunday mornings
9.You read two magazines during my vacation/ you liked her very much
10.You didn’t write any email to you on Monday / What do you want ?
Written practice
1.Didn’t you go to the party with her friends last thursday ?
2.I went to the mall with my neighbor and after we went to the movie
3.Didn’t he study last week ?
4.I didn’t have time to go to the doctor’s office last week
5.Did you have some time to study with them ?
6.He didn’t play any game with his children on weekend
7.He didn’t speak with his customers about the price / The manager talked with them
8.I have to go a short business trip . I have to go tomorrow by car
9.I didn’t have time to finish the task
10.The businesswoman was in the Manager’s room with some books
1.She didn’t learn english in the USA
2.I didn’t read that book quickly
3.I didn’t take a nap this afternoon
4.We didn’t wotk overtime this week
5.The children didn’t sleep a lot after lunch

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