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Conversation W2 Lesson 46


1.Did she travel to the beach on her vacation ?
2.I had to take my mom to the hospital this week
3.She talked to me about it last weekend
4.The girls slept all day long
5.They wanted to travel to Ohio with us
6.They still don’t know the meaning of it

Substitution practice

1.I worked at the snack bar with her last friday
2.He wanted to go to the park with her
3.I played tennis on the tennis court last saturday
4.I traveled to the beach to visit her
5.Didn’t he like to drink coffee with milk for snack ?
6.They don’t go to the mall last saturday
7.We like to stay here with his friends
8.She wants to stay here with me this year
9.I live on the corner near the church
10.They prefer to open the snack bar in the evening

Written practice

1.She liked to eat rice,bean and steak when she want to Brazil in Junuary
2.Didn’t you study administration that school ?
3.He worked in the restaurants as waiter last year
4.My brother played soccer yesterday at new field
5.I prefer my steak medium/ Do you prefer rare ?
6.Always have lunch with her in that restaurant of corner
7.I have to work in this holiday because I need money
8.I want to finish my homework before lunch
9.We want to visit our relatives who lives in that city
10.Who knows to speak english in your family ?


1.No, I studied english last semester
2.No, my parents only know how to speak portuguese
3. I worked in the office last year
4.Yes, I went to bed late yesterday
5.Yes , I usually on tuesday

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