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Conversation W2 Lesson 45

Complete with

me / you / him / her / it / us / them


Substitution practice

1.Did you travel with your brother on your last vacation ?
2.When do you want to talk to them ?
3.The doctor said we had to go to the lawyer office
4.The siblings talked all day long yesterday
5.Did your brother work with us at school ?
6.Did you study with Paul and Archie at school ?
7.When did you take your brother to the beach ?
8.Didn’t you play tennis with your friend ? / No I didn’t play tennis with him
9.He played chess with you last yesterday
10.Chris worked at the banks as a manager

Written practice

1.I want to go to the soccer field to play with you tomorrow
2.My brother plays the violine/ Do you want to play with him tonight ?
3.I exercise every morning / When do you exercise ?
4.We didn’t study arts together last semester
5.Who took her to the aiport yesterday ? / Why do you go with him ?
6.Ann wants to go to the movies / Didn’t you want to go with her ?
7.Didn’t you want to go him ? / He goes to the theater
8.The children didn’t sleep very well last night
9.Don’t you have time to help us ?
10.Who played song for them in the theater yesterday ?


1.Where did we go yesterday ?
2.When did you work out ?
3.Did we want to talk to the bussineswoman ?
4.Did you go to Japan last vacation ?
5.Where did she work ?

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