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Conversation W2 Lesson 44

Change into int  / neg

1.Did she want to go to the beach with her family ?
2.Why didn’t you want to go there yesterday ?
3.Did they talk a lot about it ?
4.Did your sister want to go to Law school ?
5.Did your brother drink a lot of juice this morning ?
6.Do they want to go on a trip to Japan ?

Substitution practice

1.Didn’t you go to the park with your cousin ?
2.Didn’t the test start at four o’clock / Yes, we had to go early
3.Didn’t your dad drink a cup of coffee ?
4.I needed to go to the course by train on monday
5.Didn’t you work at the bank last week ?
6.We went to the beach yesterday
7.They went to a soccer Game wednesday
8.My brother and her friend like basketball very much
9.I needed to speak with the manager about the chicken
10.I want coffee . I don’t want sugar

Written practice

1.Didn’t you want to study with me ? / I can’t study today
2.Where did you eat sousage and bacon yesterday morning ?
3.Did you want two pieces of cake with the chocolate ?
4.She has many tests this semester / She needs to study very much
5.I don’t know that you hiked to eat eggs for breakfast
6.Why did you eat scrambled eggs ? Didn’t you like boiled egges ?
7.They need to sleep before midnight
8.When did you talk with the bank manager
9.We need to talk right now
10.I needed to visit our teacher/ Didn’t your brother want to go with you ?


1.She took me to school
2.The teacher talked to me for the test
3.I knew that
4.We liked that movie
5.He likes baked potato

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