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Conversation W2 Lesson 43

Answer the questions ( Respostas pessoais )

Substitution practice

1.Did they go to the mall yesterday ?
2.Didn’t she eat chicken, fish and turkey for dinner ?
3.Didn’t you eat pasta for lunch yesterday ?
4.Did you speak French with the friend in class ?
5.Didn’t Ann go to the beach with you last weekend?
6.I ate a bread and ham for breakfast
7.Didn’t she prefer to eat a slice of pie with juice ?
8.The boys ate all the breads and the cakes
9.He had to go church right away
10.Dindn’t you understand your Spanish teacher ?

Written Practice

1. Didn’t your dad eat a lot of grilled fish for lunch?
2. We liked a lot to eat pasta in that restaurant.
3. Didn’t your children have dinner yesterdary?
4. I took my children to school this morning.
5. We ate scrambled eggs for breakfast.
6. Our mom knew we went to the mall yesterday.
7. Didn’t you still talk to your teacher about that job?
8. Ann and Mathew talked only in English at the meeting yesterday.
9. Didn’t they like the sweetener? Did they prefer brown sugar?
10. Why did you say he ate cooked vegetables?


1.I ate bread for breakfast
2.My english course starts at 10 o’clock on Saturdays
3.Yes, I wrote emaills yesterday
4.I got up at five a.m
5.I studied at home last weekend

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