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Conversation W2 Lesson 42

Complete with

her/ its / my / his / our / their / your


Substiturion practice

1.My classes starts at seven o’clock/ What time does your test start ?
2.They want to finish their job before their Spanish class
3.He always says bad things/ He always says bad things
4.My brother wants to stay in Miami with me on his vacation
5.Do you want to start a new Freench course this month ?
6.My daughter has Spanish classes at school on Friday
7.We go to the park by bus every morning / We never go by car
8.Our bass wants to finish the meeting before two o’clock
9.He gets up early every night because he reads
10.You still go to work by train every morning

Written practice

1.I still don’t know if they prefer to go on Saturday or sunday
2.How much money do you still have ?  We still have one thousand dollar
3.What time do you have lunch during the week ?Only before noon
4.We have to study for our computer test
5.Do they have dinner before or after seven p.m ?
6.My music classes start at eight a.m and finish ar nine a.m
7.I don’t know what time the meeting starts
8.We want to go to Germany on vacation
9.My father always says wise things / He helps me very much
10.She prefers to stay here with her friends. She doesn’t want to go to the park on foot .


1.Our classes doesn’t start this week
2.She doesn’t go home on foot
3.He doesn’t get up at six a.m on saturday
4.They don’t live in this city
5.The store doesn’t open only weekends

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