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Conversation W2 Lesson 41

Follow the pattern :

1.They start their computer science classes this semester
2.We say good things to our mom
3.I finish my english course this year
4.We stay at school after class
5.He stays at school to study for the Italian test
6. She starts a new German course today

Substitution practice :

1.We always start our meeting after breakfast
2.My mother closes all the doors in the house
3.Why does he always stay at home after job ?
4.My science classes start at five o’clock on monday
5.They want to go to the beach by car today
6.When do you want to start your english classes ?
7.They still don’t know how to speak French very well
8.When do you need to start your French classes ?
9.What time does she need to finish her job ?
10.Do you need to sell your old car ?

Written practice:

1.I need to speak with my new boss / He started to work today
2.Does she how many things to study ?
3.My manager doesn’t want to stay here with me
4.Where do you usually go on vacation? / We go to the beach
5.Do you want to start a new course this year or next year ?
6.What time does she finish her homework ?
7.Don’t your grandparents live in a house near the mall ?
8.My father always says that I need to buy a new car
9.We don’t want to stay here / We prefer to go home
10.I still don’t know how to play basabell very well


1.The meeting doesn’t start at two p.m
2.She never goes to france our her vacation
3.We don’t want to start next semester
4.I never stay at school after the class
5.He doesn’t have art classes here

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