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Conversation W2 Lesson 40

Change into negative :

1.We don’t want to help Jane
2.They don’t prefer to go to the mall on weekends
3.She doesn’t open office in the morning
4.You don’t want to go to the beach tomorrow
5. They don’t speak many languages
6. We don’t live near here

Substitution practice :

1.We want to play the guitar this weekend
2.What time do you have lunch every day ?
3. Our teacher likes to speak only German with us
4.What time do your children need to go to the movies every day
5.They prefer to go to the mall on Saturday
6.Do you know where they study ?
7.What time do you have to open the snack bar ?
8.I want to study more because I want to speak English by Christmas
9. What does she usually have for lunch ?
10. He knows that they want to buy a car for your Daughter

Written practice :

1.We need to sleep eraly because have a game tomorrow
2.What time do you have breakfast ?
3.Don’t you want to sell your car ?
4.How many cities do you know in the USA  ?
5.What do you usually buy at the store ?
6. Why do they go home late every day ?
7.My father works in the post office as postman
8.Kevin and Brune don’t like to live near the airport
9.My son wants to read that book
10.We need to speak with them / When they have time ?

Listening :

1. They don’t usually to have lunch at noon
2.She doesn’t live far from here
3.He doesn’t read all emails before nine a.m
4.My sister doesn’t get up at six o’clock every day
5.They don’t go to bed by ten p.m

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