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Conversation W2 Lesson 39

Write sentences with :

1.What time/to go to bed – What time do you go to bed ?
2.My friend / to have lucnh – My friend wants to have lunch
4.She/aiport – She lives near the aiport
5.Until/late – I work until six o’clock, late I study
6.Friend/instrument – My friend like to play an instrument
Substitution practice :
1.He usually opens the post office ar 8 o’clock
2.They close the window when they need to sleep
3.We stay near the mall / Where do they stay ?
4.When they have time , they like to visit our parents in Rio
5.How many states do you want to visit in the USA ?
6.Ray works at that store on the corner
7.Their dad has lunch at 7 o’clock
8.They have to get up by half past five
9.They usually study until noon, then they go gome
10.They visit many cities in this country because of their work
Written practice :
1.They get up at half past seven go to school every day
2.We need to study more / Do you want to study with me today ?
3. They eat bread and jelly and peanut butter
4.Do you live far from or near the beach ?/ We live near the beach
5.They want to go to the museum on saturday morning
6.Their friends usually works until 6 o’clock on tuesday
7.Danny and Robert prefer to visit your parents on weekend
8.He plays soccer in that park on the corner
9.How much money does she need to buy his car ?
10.His father works with her mother in the office
Listening :
1. I get up early every day
2. I usually to go to bed midnight
3. I open my email box every day
4. I have breakfast at nine a.m
5. It’s half past eight

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