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Conversation W2 Lesson 38

Answer the questions Obs : Já está respondido .

1.Because she wants to stay at home
2.No , my brother only know how to read in Portuguese
3.No, they want to buy that house
4.I write a lot of emails every week
5.I want to eat on Thanksgiving
6.I prefer to go to Miami on vacation

Substitution practice :

1.How many letters does she read to her manager every week ?
2.Why does she need to speak with her manager tonight.?
3.Jim wants to seel his motorcycle because he needs money
4.He likes vegetables very much /  Don’t you like vegetables ?
5.How many shirts does Ashely have ? / She has about ten shirts.
6.My daughter helps him with the brother
7.What kind of motorcycle does your father sell at the store ?
8.When does Brian study with her sister ?
9.What doe she want to eat today ?
10.What does he prefer to eat for snack ?

Written practice :

1.Mary doesn’t understand why you want to buy this book .
2.Does Rose want to write an Email or post card for her mother ?
3.Do I have to help my parents now ?
4.Why is your email ? / I don’t have an email account .
5.Do you know how to play the piano or the keyboard ?
6.I need to go downtown tomorrow
7.He reads to his children every nights
8.What instrument does Sally know how to play ?
9.I want to play Baseball ./ Does Charles want to go witth us ?
10.The manager needs to speak with you

Listening :

1.She doesn’t prefer a car to a motorcycle
2.He doesn’t know where you work
3.I don’t have to write emails to my manager
4.She doesn’t know how to write in English
5. My brother doesn’t go to school in the morning

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