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Conversation W2 Lesson 34

Answer the questions

1 – She goes to the movies on weekends
2 – He plays the guitar on friday at school
3 – She eats bread and drinks milk in the morning
4 – My teacher plays the piano
5 – My friend goes to church on sunday
6 – I don’t study french, I study english on saturdays a Wizard

Substitution practice

1 – He wants to speak only japanese with the boss
2 – Does she like to go to the mall in the afternoon ?
3 – What does he want to eat today ?
4 – She wants to go to bed now, but she needs to study
5 – Does he eat meat and drink soda at night
6 – She works at the mall with my brother on friday and sunday
7 – He likes to play basketball very much / He plays on tuesday
8 – When do you need to go to school?
9 – Where does she study German ? / Doesn’t she study English
10 – Julie and Dave like to play the guitar at home in the afternoon

Written Practice

1 – He eats toast and jelly and drinks a glass of milk
2 – She needs to speak English at school, but only speaks Portuguese
3 – Don’t you study English every day ?
4 – She likes to eat a slice of bread with cheese in the afternoon
5 – When does she want to go to the movies ? /  She wants to go on Friday
6 – Doesn’t he need to work at the store every day ?
7 – She doesn’t go to church on wednesday, only on sunday
8 – He doesn’t eat bread with ham in the morning /  He eats cereal
9 – Does your mother help your children at school or at home ?
10 – Doesn’t she want to eat a sandwich of peanut butter with jelly ?


1 – She doesn’t like to go to the movies on fridays
2 – Doesn’t he need to work on the weekend ?
3 – She doesn’t play on the playground
4 – My friend doesn’t like to eat pancakes with syrup
5 – She doesn’t know how to speak German

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