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Conversation W2 Lesson 33

Write questions with:

What / Where / When

1.Where does she need to go now ?
2.When does he play hockey with yout roomate ?
3.What do you drink in the afternoon ?
4.When does he like to go to the movies ?
5.When does she want to go to the movies ?
6.When does he want to sleep ?

Substitution practice :

1.He needs to go downtown
2.She doesn’t speak with my brother , she only speaks with my sister
3.What does he like to study ? He likes to study German and English
4.Doesn’t he like to go to the store on Saturday monring ?
5.Does he need to go to the Men’s room ?
6.What does she need to buy at the store ?
7.He wants to go to school with my mother today
8.When do you like to play on the park ?
9.I like to eat bread and drink Juice in the morning
10.Do you play soccer on Saturday ?

Written practice :

1.She needs to help my daughter to study German at school
2.Does he want to drink hot or cold milk ? He wants cold milk
3.I like to go to church with my friends on weekends
4.I work at the store with my roomate
5.When do you want to go to the movies with me ?
6.Doesn’t she help you with your homework?
7. My aunt works at the toys store downtown
8.I don’t go to church on Tuesday . I go on Thurdays
9.Doesn’t he play on the playground in the morning ?
10.Don’t you like to sleep in the afternoon ?


1.I go to the movies on saturdays
2.No , I work in the office
3.No , I don’t help my mother at home
4.I like to go to the beach on Saturdays
5.No, I don’t go to church

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