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Conversation W2 Lesson 31

Complete the sentences :

1.He speaks Portuguese, Now he needs to speak  English.
2.Does she drink milk and soda ?
3.She drinks water. She doesn’t like to drink soda
4.He doesn’t like to speak German with  my father
5.I need to speak Englisj with my boss today
6.She drinks milk and he eats toast in the monring
7.Does he eat bread and ham at night ?
8.She doesn’t eat fish and meat

Substitution practice :

1.She needs to speak to your sister today
2.I drink tea and soft drink in the morning
3.She doesn’t eat bread and cheese
4.Does he speak German with the teacher
5.She doesn’t drink Juice in ther morning
6.Doesn’t he need to talk to my mother now
7.I speak Japanese and Portuguese with my parents
8.I don’t drink soda I only drink water
9.He needs to eat bread but he likes pancakes with syrup
10.I need to speak English with my friend.

Written practice :

1.He needs to eat / He likes to eat fish and to drink Juice
2.She speaks Japanese and now she needs to speak french
3.Thanks. I don’t drink Green tea,but she drinks Green tea
4.He doesn’t eat pancakes with syrup in the morning / He eats only cereal
5.Does she need to talk to my mother now ?
6.Does he eat only bread with peanut butter at night ?
7.She doesn’t need to speak Spanish with the teacher every day
8.Does he eat toast with jelly or with cheese in the morning ?
9.She likes English, but she speaks only German with my uncle
10.Doesn’t need to speak English in the job ?

Listening :

Answer the Questions , you have to listen and answer

1.Doesn’t your teacher speak Italian ?
2.Do you need to talk to your mother now ?
3.Do you speak Japanese ?
4.Don’t you eat pancakes in the morning ?
5.Do you need to speak Portuguese with your father ?

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