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Conversation W2 Lesson 30

Make Questions :

1.Does she go to the bank by subway on Fridays?
2.Does she study English on mondays and wednesday?
3.Why do you go ?
4.What time does she have to finish the job ?
5.Does your aunt visit your relatives on Easter ?
6.Does your son play the guitar ?
7.Do you know how to make cookies ?

Substitution practice:

1.My dad wants to buy a nice house near the freeway
2.I have to stay all night long at the parking lot
3.I go to church on foot every day
4.She has to finish that job before five o’clock
5.He plays chess every friday
6.She works at the post office until six o’clock
7.He opens the bank at nine thirty every day
8.What time do they have to go the party ?

Written practice :

1.How does she go to work ?
2.Does she come to work by subway ?
3.We come to work on foot every day
4.I don’t know what time they finish the meeting
5.What time the game finish ?
6.Always finish at eight P.M
7.How does she go to the mall ?
8.She always goes to the mall by car

Listening :

1.How do you go to the bank ?
2.He has a nice house at the beach
3.My mother makes stramberry pies
4.She needs to go to the aiport on Tuesday
5.The class finishes at seven P.M

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