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Conversation W2 Lesson 29

Complete :

1.This time – I want to go to Miami on vacation
2.Sometimes – I drink soda for lunch
3.What time – do you get up ?
4.Sorry, they don’t – speak english
5.Why does your mother – want to buy a new house ?
6.Do you have – a big car
7.Excuse-me , but – I don’t understand
8.When does she – want to go to the mall ?
9.Where do you – want to go ?
10.How much – money do you need to buy a new car ?

Substitution practice :

1.This time we want to have lucnh at the snack bar ?
2.Every Tuesday my sister goes to the park
3.My mother goes to the store by bus every afternoon
4.They have to finish the class by three o’clock
5.Why does she want to go to the park ?
6.My son wants to buy a nice dress for my wife
7.My brother doesn’t work at the bank
8.They like to go to the beach by car every day

Written practice :

1.Every monday the boy goes to the dentist by subway
2.He goes to school on foot because he lives near
3.I work at the drugstore near the gas station
4.We don’t know what time the class starts
5.My children try to read a little every day
6.The waitress works all night long
7.That waiter and that waitress works in the snack bar every night
8.My German class starts at nine thirty A.M


1.She has to finish the job now
2.Why do you go downtown by bicycle ?
3.My husband want to buy a new watch for me
4.I have to study all day long
5.He plays the piano and she tries to play the guitar

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