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Conversation W2 Lesson 28

Change into negative :

1.She doesn’t come home with you
2.My little boy doesn’t go to school alone in the morning
3.I don’t know where my Japonese teacher live
4.My cousin doesn’t need to go to a drugstore
5.My dentist doesn’t go to the mall on fridays
6.She doesn’t do many things at home
7.My father doesn’t make the bed every morning

Substitution practice:

1.I need some Ice in my soda, please
2.I go to have class this afternoon
3.Do you have a lot of things to do this month?
4.I want to eat cake and cookies, please
5.Do the children need to do the homeworks every afternoon ?
6.My daughter always gets up by six o’clock every day
7.They don’t want to write about the meeting now
8.I don’t speak what my brother wants

Written practice:

1.She wants to speak with you about the factory at the meeting
2.My secretary needs to work very much
3.The teacher has classes every evening
4.Do they understand what to do ?
5.How much time do you have for lunch ?
6.How much money do they have ?
7.My mother always helps me with my homework
8.She likes to make cookies to the kids

Listening :

1.They always go to the mall on Saturdays
2.What do you do during in the week ?
3.He has English classes on wednesday and friday
4.How much money do you need to buy a toy ?
5.What time is it ? Please .

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