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Conversation W2 Lesson 27

Unscramble :

1. I don’t know how many books , I have at home
2.I read books to my children everty night
3.I don’t understand German very well
4.She wants to go to California this month
5.My fiend doesn’t work at home
6.My mom makes the bed got my children
7.My boss does many things in the factory

Substituion practice:

1.I always do the homework in the morning
2.He lives near the mall and I live near the store
3.Dentist sometimes work on sunday
4.The doctor does many things during the job
5.I want to make many cakes / Do you want a glass of soda ?
6.They need to make food
7.She knows how to speak English very well
8.She wants to go to the movies next saturday

Written practice:

1.The dentist works only until eleven o’clock
2.She makes chocolate cakes every wednesday
3.You need to do the dishes after lunch
4.Do you live far from the factory ?
5.I always do my homework
6.Do me a favor , please
7.How many dollars do you have to buy a new computer ?
8.I need to speak with the manager about my job

Listening :

1.Does she make the bed every day ?
2.Do me a favor. Open the door please
3.We always make cakes at home
4. What do your kids do during the week ?
5.How much money do you have ?

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