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Conversation W2 Lesson 26

Make questions :

why/ what / what time / where / when / how many

1.When does she cook ?
2.Why don’t you cook meat every day ?
3.How many friends do you have ?
4.When do you go to the drugstore ?
5.What time does he test starts ?
6.What time does he like to play soccer ?
7.Where do your parents live ?

Substitution practice:

1.When do they visit your parents ?
2.Do they know how to write very well ?
3.He works at the office wirh my sister
4.Does your aunt hel you in job ?
5.We visit my relatives on Easter
6.My brother speaks Portuguese and Spanish very well
7.We need to visit this ” São Paulo” state next year
8.Do your parents cook for you ?

Written practice:

1.My aunt doesn’t live here/ She lives in São Franciso
2.We want to visit my relatives next weekend
3.I want to go to the store to buy grapes , bananas  and watermelon
4.What time do they close the drugstore every day ?
5.My wife wants to go to the beach with the kids
6.My neighbor sells cars near the gas station
7.Do you have time to speak with me at one thirty P.M ?
8.He wants to go downtown to buy many things tomorrow


1.Does she have a test at school today ?
2.We like to cook for the children
3.He likes to play soccer on weekends
4.I live near here and she lives near the bank
5.Does your father like the country ?

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