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Conversation W2 Lesson 22

Answer the question :

1.It starts at eight o’clock
2.I want to have a snack at the mall with you
3.No , I don’t. I only know how to write in Portuguese
4.I like to eat apple for breakfast
5.I speak Portuguese
6.I prefer to eat strawberries
7.I work far from the freeway
Substitution practice :
1.Where do you work ?
2.Why do you want to sell a bicycle now ?
3.When do you eat on weekends ?
4.My daughter likes to eat meat for lunch
5.Why do you want to drink soda ?
6.Do you live near or far from the mall ?
7.My brother doesn’t like to eat melon
8.Why do you want to eat more potato ?
Written practice :
1.I need to help my son today / Do you go with me ?
2.She likes to go downtown on weekends .
3.She doesn’t have time to write this morning
4.My daughter eats steak and drink juice for lunch
5.Do you prefer to eat melon or watermelon ?
6.Do you want to buy pears for me ?
7.Where do you work ?/ I don’t work ,I only study
8.Excuse-me , I need to speak with the manager
Listening :
1.What time do you like to have dinner ?
2.I like to live near your house
3.I don’t want to have lunch
4.I live far from the mall
5.It starts at eight o’clock

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