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Conversation W2 Lesson 21

Complete with :

languages / why / church / lunch / to have / near / have dinner / far / because / apples

4.near have
9.have dinner

Substitution practice :

1. I like to eat here / I live with brother
2.Why do  you want to sell a old car ?
3.He drinks a cup of tea and he eats a grape everyday
4.Why do  you have to speak with your boss today ?
5.I speak many languages
6.She doesn’t work far from the office
7.When do you want to go ?  I want to go tomorrow
8.He doesn’t drink soda

Written practice :

1.He doesn’t go to sleep at ten P.M / He goes to sleep at midnight
2.Do you want to have lucnh with me today ?
3.I want to have dinner at six P.M Because I have lunch at eleven A.M
4.Do you live far from here ?
5.Do you live near or far from here ?
6.What languages do you speak ? / I speak Portuguese and English
7.Why do you study one new language ?
8.Why do you study English ? / Because I want to go to the E.U.A

Listening :

1.How many languages do you speak ?
2.Do you go to the mall every weekend ?
3.She doesn’t live far from here
4.What do you like to eat for lunch ?
5.Why do you want to have a dinner with your manager .

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