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Conversation W2 Lesson 13

Answe the questions:

1 – I need to buy shirts today
2 – I like to go to the movies on weekends
3 – No, I  don’t have dogsat home
4 – Yes, I do. I eat French Fries
5 – Yes, I do. I want to go to the movies tomorrow
6 – I need to go downtown this week
7 – I prefer to eat meat for lunch

Substitution practice:

1 – I need to sell an old car / Do you want to play with me ?
2 – I don’t want to drink water
3 – Do you want to eat medium or rare steak
4 – I eat rice every day, but I don’t like candy
5 – I don’t want to play today /  I want to sleep now
6 – What do you want to eat at the mall?
7 – I want to go to the mall to buy pants
8 – Do you have  money to buy some shoes ?

Written practice:

1 – I have to buy one English book toda
2 – I need to sell my car to buy a house
3 – Where do you buy candy and  chocolate ?
4 – I have seventeen Cd’s at home
5 – What do  you need to buy at the store today ?
6 – I have thirteen cousins. I have only two sisters
7 – nice to meet you / Nice to meet you, too
8 – I want to buy a new blouse my wife


1 – I have to sell my house I need money
2 – I want to buy two T-shirts
3 – When do you want to buy for your wife ?
4 – I like chocolate and Ice cream very much
5 – Do you have a house or an apartament ?

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