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Speech W8 – Lesson 218

Listening and complete the dialogue

– Barbara: … Are you ok ?
– Lee: … I’m not so good …
– Barbara: … Are you feeling stressed …
– Lee: … With my asthma …
– Barbara: … It’s been two months…
– Lee: …Maybe I should see my doctor.
– Barbara: Why don’t you try … On the mountains…
– Lee: … That’s actually a good idea.
– Barbara: …
– Lee: …

Complete with
1. Known
2. Preserving
3. Exchanged
4. Told
5. Reducing
6. Take Care

Justify your answer in written

– Personal

Rewrite the sentences

1. On no condition should you interupt their meeting.
2. Only by studying hard is it possible to learn a new language.
3. Not until we find solution can we leave the room.
4. Unfortunately only on rare occasions do we see each other.
5. Not until they find a cure for cancer will they stop researching.
6. Under no circumstances should she know that we are arraging her party.


– Personal

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