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Speech W8 – Lesson 188

Listen and complete the dialogue

    I’m going to visit your home country
    I’m a american citizen
    Why did they move to the United States?
    Do your parents miss it there
    Do you ever think about moving to Mexico

Complete with

    to pursue
    to protect

Rewrite the Sentences

    He had been pursuing a carrer in theater, even though his parents wanted him to be a doctor.
    Had been voting is such an inconvenience. Besides, I don’t know anything about politics.
    Do you know which king of medicine he had been negotiating next year?
    I would have protected you if I could, but i didn’t know how to help you.
    I would have protected you, but there was nothing I could do about it.

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One Comment

  1. Letícia Letícia

    Olá, você poderia por gentileza me explicar por que no “Rewrite the Sentences” nós usamos no 1 “He had been e não he has been”
    e no 2 “Had been voting e não Have been voting”? Eu tenho muita dificuldade em tempos verbais e sempre me confundo. Desde já agradeço a gentileza!

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