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Speech W4 – Lesson 84

Listening & Comprehension

  • Kind/ they were/work do you do?/for many/men were doing/man/ wake up/ get up/ you go to school/ come/ behind/ work will be/ school, job and people

  1. What was the first man in the story asked?
  2. What did the first man in the story answer?
  3. What did the second man in the story answer?
  4. What did the third man in the story answer?
  5. What will happen if you always see the big picture in your life?

Text Back

Hey there!!!
I’d like to answer that we’re going to your daugther’s birthday party!!!
Its going to be fun!
Bye, bye!

Wizard Blog

What I did last week:
Last week I went to the theater to say a very good stand up comedy from Rafinha Bastos! It was awesome!!! You all should go!

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