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Certification W12 – Review 1

Dear Mary,

I´m so happy with your message! That´s good to know you are fine and at home. I know how your family is important to you. It was two years studying abroad and I know I will miss each moment we spent together.
I´m here to tell you I have the same fears. That´s natural. We only had to study the last two years and when we stoped it, we feel lose and without perspectives.
I think a lot aboite that too, but we have others perspectives and now it is possible to see the big picture.
First: we are very dedicated people, we study hard and everybody knows only when we pain, we gain. You were the number one of the class. You are outstanding, girl!
Second: studying abroad is importante for our carrer, but it is more important for our own personal experience. We are young, but with a amount of cultural and life time.
Are you ready to conquist the World?

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