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Certification W12 Lesson 356

Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Check the sentences when inversion is possible

C.Provided report
E.Interested students

Complete the sentences with a compound adjective. Follow the example:

A. The Paris-born (…)
B. (…) home-made cake to (…)
C. (…) She’s so easy-going
D. (…) a party-time job (…)
E. (…) well-behaved her (…)
F. (…) open-minded to deal (…)
G. (…) well-known book (…)
H. (…) a world-famous singer
I. (…) It looks so old-fashioned
J. (…) world-wide attention
K. (…) She’s so self-centered

Listen to the situations and check the correct information


Combine words from the boxes below to make compound adjectives to replace the underlined parts of the sentences. Make the necessary adjustments so the new adjectives can fit in

A. Feeling homesick
B. Are short-sighted
C. High level

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