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Certification W12 Lesson 352

Complete with the words from the box. Listen to definitions to help you

A. Sham
B. Artificial
C. Counterfeit
D. Phony
E. Artificial
F. Sham
G. Phony
H. Counterfeit

Correct the sentences below or write ✔ if they are correct

A. ✔
B. ✔
C. To keep these young children without food is the biggest problem
D. Almost everyone thinks I should buy a new car
E. ✔
F. One of the reasons I called you, was to talk about the wedding ceremony

Link the sentences


Pick the right expression

1. (B) These pearls look so artificial
2. (B) She forgot her documents at home

Complete the sentences with an appropriate noun from box i and a verb from ii: Nouns and verbs will be used together in the same blank

A. Because of the recent incidents in the food industry, the number of vegetarians is expected to rise in the next five years

B. It’s expected that the number of victims will exceed a hundred thousand and some deaths are anticipated.

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