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Certification W12 Lesson 346

Match the following sentences to the idea the convey

Necessity – E
Lack of necessity – D,F
Assumption – A,B,C

Fill in the gaps with must or a form of have to, followed by a suitable verb

A. had to cut
B. had to enter
C. must clock
D. must be connected
E. having to wear
F. to have to leave

Rewrite the sentences replacing the underlined word with the correct form of GET, so that the meaning stays the same

A. getting
B. got into
C. get to know
D. get
E. get
F. get along with
G. get back to
H. get off
I. get
J. get

Listen and choose the alternative the best describes the picture and then write down the chosen sentence heard in the space provided.

1. You didn’t have to buy me anything!
2. You mustn’t tumble dry
3. You mustn’t stay longer than one hour
4. You mustn’t keep driving

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