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Certification W12 Lesson 338

When describing trends, some verbs describe the direction and degree of change. Indicate the direction (↑ ↓) and degree (gradual or sharp) of the verb

w12 lesson 338 direction

Listen to a presentation about the latest sales figures of a company. Draw the graph according to what you hear

Good morning everyone, I’m here today to present Product Y’s sales figures over the last ten years. As you can see from the graph, in 2000 sales were up, at around $4,5m however due to new government regulations, sales fell sharply to a little over $3m. You’ll notice that from 2002 to 2004 sales remained steady. The country’s economy improved and sales of product Y reached a peak of almost $5m, our best result so far. The following 2 years were bad because of the world economic crisis, and sales nosedived to $1,5m and kept falling to a little over $1m. Nevertheless we managed to improve our sales through better customer service and more cost-effective suppliers which has caused figures to soar, so we were able to recover sales up to $2,5m. Questions anyone?w12 lesson 338 sales

Rewrite the sentences so that the meaning stays the same. You must use the word given and you can’t change it

A. He was heading out the house when it started raining
B. Have you seen John? He’s been working like a dog lately, poor thing.
C. Sarah hit the jackpot when she won the lottery
D. I find it hard to keep up with everything she’s working on, it changes a lot
E. He didn’t take the job because he was offered minimum wage

Complete with the correct form of the words given. Each one is used only once

A. Dangerous
B. Plummeted
C. Hazardous
D. Improved
E. Perilous
F. Risky
G. Soared
H. Decline

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