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Certification W12 Lesson 336

Join the following pairs of sentences using who, where, which, when, and whose. Make the underlined sentence the relative clause

1. The teacher, who teaches French is very nice
2. We went to a quit beach where we always go
3. I went to see a movie, which I liked a lot
4. It was 2000 when we first met
5. The house where the mayor lives is the biggest in the city
6. Jane, whose husband is from Uruguay, speaks Spanish fluently
7. My dog, which I have had for over ten years, is called Buck
8. The boss sometimes shouts at his employees, which I find very rude

Listen to the dialogues and choose the correct answer based on what you hear

A: Why aren’t you working there anymore?
B: When my boss asked me to postpone my vacation to finish other people’s task I just snapped.

LETTER (B) – She got really angry

A: Why us your daughter grounded?
B: She’s been breaking out at her younger brother way too often!

LETTER (A) – She’s been fighting with her brother

Rewrite the sentences using the word given so that the meaning stays the same

A. This conversation has nothing to do with the topic
B. I’m prone to headaches if I don’t get enough sleep
C. She should have talked out the differences between them from the very beginning
D. Jim decided to seek out some information in the public library
E. Can you please shed some light on the environmental issue?
F. Shirley has bottled up her emotions since her divorce
G. Dennis really list his temper when he found out he had lost his wallet
H. The automotive industry is struggling with the financial crisis

Going Crazy

1. Colleague
2. Would
3. Watch
4. Upside / down
5. Bulb
6. Gone
7. Day off
8. Dark

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