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Certification W12 Lesson 330

Circle the correct underlined expression

A. when
B. until
C. before
D. by the time
E. when
F. as soon as
G. whenever
H. once

Complete with the correct form of the verbs heard

A. come
B. are
C. finishes
D. get
E. will tell
F. will go
G. get
H. finishes

Complete the text with ONE word

1. sooner
2. on
3. time
4. since
5. moment
6. as
7. when
8. when
9. as
10. until
11. then
12. as
13. time
14. which

Use one of the following words to complete the sentences. Use each word twice

A. roommate
B. colleagues
C. acquaintance
D. friends
E. roommate
F. colleagues
G. acquaintance
H. friend

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