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Certification W12 Lesson 328

You will hear four verbs each sentence. Use a suitable form of ONE of the verbs heard and then complete the sentence

A. happen
B. expect
C. keep
D. tried
E. remember
F. bear

Complete each sentence with either the gerund or the infinitive of the verbs given

A. to eat
B. moving
C. to inform
D. waiting
E. to lock
F. going
G. to wear
H. smoking
I. to drink
J. to be
K. getting

Complete each sentence with the appropriate form of the verbs given

A. to tell / not trusting
B. to invite
C. to get married
D. doing
E. eating
F. trying
G. to review
H. not to eat
I. to study
J. eating
K. to receive
L. to have
M. reducing
N. to hear
O. in learning


1. complaining
2. treated
3. punished
4. dare
5. such
6. principal
7. by the way
8. homework

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