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Certification W12 Lesson 326

Use one of the following words to complete the dictionary definitions, listen to examples to help you

A. look forward to
B. expect
C. await
D. wait

Describe what’s happening in each picture beginning as shown

A. If only I had studied more
B. If only I hadn’t missed the ball
C. I wish it stopped raining

Rewrite the sentences beginning as shown

A. I wish I could give up smoking
B. This road’s been damaged for ages, it’s about time they fixed it
C. I wish Mark wouldn’t lose his keys
D. I wish I had Sue’s number
E. I would rather you didn’t touch the flowers
F. If only I lived in a warmer place
G. I wish she wouldn’t be late for the class
H. If only James were here
I. I would rather you didn’t eat in the classroom
J. It’s time we left now
K. If only it stopped raining
L. I wish we had a DVD player
M. It’s time we started to work
N. I wish my husband wouldn’t have the windows open
O. I would rather you didn’t smoke inside the house

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