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Certification W12 Lesson 324

Use the correct form of the following verbs to replace the words in bold

A. protest
B. hit
C. run into
D. occurred to
E. stop working
F. happened
G. destroyed

Complete each sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the one given. Use verb related to the word in italics with an appropriate past tense.

A. his condition had improved considerable when I saw him in the hospital last night
B. by the time a good location became available, they had been discussing the proposed new library for two years
C. Sam had been expected to win but he finished third
D. Jane had already suggested that the money should be spent on new books for the school

Complete with the correct past from of the verbs given

A. Had been trying
B. Had arrived
C. had been talking
D. had been driving
E. had been going out
F. hadn’t been working
G. was going out
H. had you read
I. had been worrying
J. had owned

An expensive gift

1. walked / into
2. set
3. pay / for
4. argue
5. whispered
6. smiled
7. deserve

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