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Certification W12 Lesson 318

Use the word deliver to describe the pictures

A. The doctor are delivering a baby
B. He’s delivering a package
C. He’s delivering a speech
D. They are delivering him from his suffering
E. He has delivered excellent performance

Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of the word given

A. People underestimate the difficulty (…)
B. (…) they sometimes overcharge me.
C. Always tries to outdo the rest of the class
D. (…) has been misaddressed
E. (…) clearly outweigh the drawbacks
F. Children who misbehave won’t go on the trip
G. The movie is overrated
H. (…) I think it’s under-cooked

Complete the text with ONE word

1. some
2. the
3. the
4. the
5. to
6. as
7. the
8. pack
9. to
10. they
11. with
12. at
13. on
14. to
15. have
16. they
17. on
18. the
19. the
20. to
21. of

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