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Certification W12 Lesson 316

Circle the most suitable underlined option. If more than one option is possible, circle all that apply

A. Can’t
B. Must
C. Must/might
D. Must
E. Must
F. Might

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs given, each verb is used twice. Listen to the definitons to help you

A. damaged
B. impaired
C. harm
D. injured
E. impaired
F. harm
G. injured
H. damage

Rewrite the sentences beginning as shown so that the meaning stays the same. Use can’t, must and might

A. you must be very tired after such a long journey
B. that can’t be possible
C. It might rain later
D. She can’t be over thirty
E. you must be joking when you ask me to go skydiving
F. you can’t be serious

Four husbands

1. 80 year old
2. asked
3. felt like
4. occupation
5. mind
6. living
7. proudly
8. in her 20’s
9. ringmaster
10. in her 40’s
11. in her 60’s
12. in her 80’s
13. careers

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