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Certification W12 Lesson 310

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in parenthesis

A. Had left
B. Was taking / rang
C. Have you seen
D. Have you been looking for
E. Met
F. Am visiting
G. Starts
H. Will be flying

Complete the email by using the correct form of the words given. Use each one once only

1. Haven’t written
2. Have been
3. Spent
4. Am resting
5. Am waiting
6. Get
7. Am going
8. Have lived
9. Started
10. like
11. Are
12. Will send

Rewrite the sentences beginning as shown so that the meaning stays the same

A. Next week Mary is having a party
B. When you called me, I was having lunch
C. WE are having a meeting tomorrow
D. When we arrived, David had gone home
E. I didn’t use to wear glasses
F. They have been married for 15 years

Use the words given to complete the sentences. Listen to their definitions to help you

A. Exquisite – very beautiful and delicate
B. Unique – being the way existing one of its type or more generally, unusual or special in some way
C. Particular – special, or this and not any other
D. Peculiar – strange and unusual, sometimes in an unpleasant way

A. Exquisite
B. Particular
C. Unique
D. Peculiar

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