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Certification W12 Lesson 308

Choose the correct or most appropriate alternative

A. Got
B. Got
C. Get
D. Became
E. Became
F. Got

Rewrite the sentences so that it contains the word given, and so that the meaning stays the same

A. That dress fits her like a glove
B. His sister has an eye for details in clothes
C. Why are you dressed up? ….
D. (…) you should put yourself in their shoes

Rewrite the sentences using the correct form of the following words, so that the meaning stays the same

A. I glanced around to see if anyone was there
B. You shouldn’t stare at people like that, it’s impolite
C. I was able to glimpse the license plate of the car
D. The students gazed at the professor as he spoke

Complete the sentences with went or turned (into) and one of the words or phrases. If either one is possible write both

A. Went bald
B. Turned forty
C. Went / turned black
D. Went dead
E. Went / turned white
F. Went missing
G. Turned into a film
H. Went wild

The mother-in-law

1. Town
2. Take the day off
3. Pick her up
4. Stay
5. Count on

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