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Certification W12 Lesson 304

Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it is as similar as possible to the sentende printed before it.

a. “I´m sorry I shouted at you, Ruth said to Rita.
Ruth apologized for shouting at Rita
b. “I didn´t tell her about the mistake, I swear!” , said John
John denied told her about the mistake
c. “I´m really grateful for all the help you´ve given me over the last few days”, the boy told his parents.
The boy told his parents he was really grateful for the help they´ve given him over the last few days.
d. “If you will agree to help me on this, I´ll see what I can do about your working hours”, my previous boss told me.
My previous boss promissed see what he can do about my working hours, if I had agree to help him on this.
e. “If you can´t get here today, what about tomorrow?” my mother asked me on my birthday.
My mother wondered if I couldn´t get there that day.
f. “I´d rather you didn´t tell anyone about it yet”, my wife said.
My wife asked me not to tell anyone anyone about it yet
g. “Don´t worry, I´m not really going to take all your money”, laughed the man.
The man reassured me he had not taking all my money.
h. “But you really must come and stay with us for the weekend”, saidn Philip.
Philip insisted on me going and staing with their for the weekend.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs given. Each verb is used twice.

a. Lawrence didn´t flaunt his wealth – he lived a simple life
b. Some people don´t like displaying affection in public
c. On this map, urban areas are shown in grey
d. All the exam results will be displayed on the noticeboard
e. The newspaper exposed the scandal to the whole city
f. After being promoted he openly flaunted his success to the office
g. It´s agreed tha people use the internet to expose their other people´s lives
h. He began to show signs of recovery.


Listen and write down the correct expression to describe the picture

First picture                                 Second Picture

A. bring it together!                     Don’t spill the milk!
B. Keep it together!                 Don’t lose the beans!
C. Throw it together!                  Don’t spill the beans!

LETTER (B)                              LETTER (C)

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